GCIT Bloom App:
AI flower recognition application for the RBFE 2022 Virtual Event

At Gyalpozhing College of Information Technology, we have created a web app that helps you identify the flowers.

This app is an example of the use of modern artificial intelligence known as computer vision.

In order to build this app, we had to input a large variety of flowers into the computer system to train the computer to recognise them.

We explored different corners of Mongar to gather flower samples of different sizes and colours so that we can take photographs of them.  We had to photograph the flowers from different angles and against different backgrounds and lighting.

Next, we needed to include coding.  We made use of AI algorithms to write programs to train the computer to recognise the flowers. The computer takes a substantial amount of time to perform the training process because of the sheer number of images. The computer needs to be able to recognise all the images of the flowers that it has been trained to know. It also needs to be able to recognise new flowers.

There is more to come for this app! The technology used in this app can be further enhanced to determine the quality of produce. One group of our third-year students is now working on a computer vision application to segregate good apples from bad ones.